Bafang 48V 750W BBS02 Kit (~1200W Max)

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BBS01/02/HD Display – optional

Throttle Type – optional

Ebrake Type – optional

Current Rating (02-48V)

BBS01/02 Factory Chainwheel – optional

Lekkie 42T BBS01-02 Bling Ring

Lekkie BBS01/02 Bling Ring – optional

GearSensor for Bafang BBS Motors – optional

47V (13S4P) Preditor L Options – optional

58.8V 5A Aluminium Case Charger

54.6V Charger (for 13S, 47/48V NCM/NCA Battery) – optional

50V (14S5P) Rectangle Battery Pack Options – optional

50V (14S6P) Small Triangle Pack With Bag Options – optional

50V (14S7P) Rectangle Battery Pack Options – optional

50V (14S9P) Large Triangle Pack With Bag Options – optional

58.8V Charger (for 14S, 50V Battery) – optional

AC Plug for Charger – optional

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EM3ev were the first company to have high quality IRFB3077 mosfets installed into their 750W BBS02 Kits (back in June 2015), when we finally managed to convince Bafang to fit some mosfets, that we supplied to them back in the spring of 2015. Bafang quickly realised this modification made a big improvement to the controller reliability and fitted the same IRFB3077 mosfets into all the 750W BBS02 kits they manufactured from their onwards. We had no desire to make a big deal about this fact, at least not until we read the misinformation spread by certain suppliers, stating that you can only be sure that the upgrade mosfets are fitted, if you buy from them, or suggesting that kits bought from China (where all Bafang Kits are manufactured) may not be fitted with IRFB3077 mosfets.

Don’t let any delusional/dishonest suppliers, tell you that only their motors come fitted with upgraded mosfets. All 750W BBS02 kits manufactured after ~August 2015 were fitted with these upgraded mosfets and they have a been standard ever since, on ALL 48V 750W BBS02 kits. Regarding controller hot-rodding. We do not hot rod our Bafang kits (not exactly sure what the hell that is supposed to mean, when all these kits are restricted to no more than 25A), but we do set them to have full throttle in all PAS levels (including 0) and we set no speed restrictions on the kit (this is controlled by the display setting). If you want to program your own settings and even try to “Hot-Rod” your own kit, then you can do so, with the programming lead that we sell here on the site.

EM3ev offer a solid 1-year warranty (not a flaky 3-month warranty like some) on all our products (unless specifically and clearly stated otherwise) and have local support in the USA, Australia, UK and Ireland, where problem motors parts can be sent for repair, if the issue cannot be resolved remotely. So, please consider that when making your comparison between suppliers and also consider that we have been supplying ebike parts (and also manufacturing batteries, in our own factory) for around 5 years, that EM3ev is operated by an Engineer that actually understands what we sell, that EM3ev were built on the back of happy customers and good products, not self-promotion, hype and paid bloggers!


The Bafang BBS02 48V 750W Mid-Drive kit with Battery includes everything you find in the 48V BBS02 Kit, as well as a suitable battery and charger. Some details of the 48V BBS02 kit are:

  • Motor with integrated 25A, 9 mosfet controller (IRFB3077 Mosfets installed).
  • The BBS02 motor is intended for the typical 68mm or 73mm bottom bracket. If you are unsure if your bike is suitable, please read the additional info, which can be found elsewhere on our site.
  • Additional GearSensor connector on motor.
  • 44T chainwheel and pedal arms (does not include pedals), or optional 42T Bling Ring.
  • Waterproof interconnecting cabling (E-Bus).
  • A choice of throttles.
  • A choice of ebrakes and ebrake sensors.
  • A choice of LCD displays (C965, DCP14 TFT).

The choice of batteries offered are as below:

  • 46.8V 9.8Ah Frame Pack (25R version) with a 2A, fan-less, plastic cased charger (this battery cannot accept more than 3A Charge Rate).
  • 50V 12.3Ah Rectangle Pack (25R Version) with 58.8V 5A Charger.
  • 50V 12.3Ah Triangle Pack (22P version) with 58.8V 5A Charger. Includes bag.
  • 50V 14.35Ah Rectangle Pack (22P Version) with 58.8V 5A Charger.
  • 50V 18.5Ah Triangle Pack (22P version) with 58.8V 5A Charger. Includes bag.

All the battery choices that are offered as options, are a good match for the 25A Bafang BBS02 Kit.

Information on BBS01/2 Kit:

Bafang BBS01/02 Mid Drive Kit Manual

Bafang C965 Display Manual (3 button type), Bafang C965 Display Manual (5 button type), which includes how to get into the settings and advanced settings menus to change various parameters.

Installing BBS01/2 onto a 73mm BB Frame

A few pointers regarding the battery and charger:

  • The frame battery packs have a power switch. When the battery is powered on, the blue LED in the switch will be illuminated. The Battery level indication and the USB charging socket are only active when the battery is powered on.
  • Power off the battery when fitting it to the frame mounting bracket. Also ensure the battery is powered off when you connect the discharge cable from the battery, to your controller. Make 100% sure the polarity is correct to the controller before powering on. Failing to do so may damage the BMS and/or blow the fuse.
  • Set charger to the appropriate voltage if there is a voltage selector switch. It will be located next to the AC supply plug. If there is no voltage selector switch it will be an auto switching charger.
  • Power on charger before connecting to battery. This will avoid sparks and possible damage to connectors and/or electronic parts.
  • Charging is pretty much complete once the fan switches off and the LED indication changes, but the battery will continue to balance after this stage if it is necessary.
  • Frame packs are not 100% water proof, but are reasonably water resistant. Some additional silicone can be added to any joints in the case if you are concerned about water getting into the case.
  • Controllers/Kits do not need to be disconnected from the Battery when charging. It is unnecessary to disconnect the controller from the battery and it would only be neceesary to do so for long term storage.
  • The pack within the frame pack case has some mechanical protection and the case is reasonably robust. However, care should still be taken not to drop the battery or subject it to very rough treatment.

BBS01/02/HD Display

Display Type:

C965, DCP14 (TFT Colour Display)

Ebrake Type


1pc Generic Sensor (Hydraulic Brakes), Mechanical Ebrakes Lever (pair), 1pc HWBS Sensor (Mechanical Brakes)

Current Rating (02-48V)

Current Rating

18A (500W), 25A (750W)

BBS01/02 Factory Chainwheel

Chain Wheel:

44T (BBS02), 46T (BBS02), 48T (BBS02), 52T (BBS02)

Lekkie BBS01/02 Bling Ring

Chain Wheel:

BBS02 36T Bling Ring (Black), BBS02 42T Bling Ring (Black), BBS02 46T Bling Ring (Black), BBS02 52T Bling Ring (Black)

GearSensor for Bafang BBS Motors


Derailleur Gearsensor, IGH Gearsensor

47V (13S4P) Preditor L Options

47V (13S4P) Preditor L Battery Options

47V 11.8Ah High-Power (13S4P-30Q), 47V 12.4Ah High-Energy Pack (13S4P-33G), 47V 13.6Ah High-Energy Pack (13S4P-MJ1), 47V 8.4Ah Standard (13S4P-22P), 47V 9.8Ah High-Power (13S4P-25R)

54.6V Charger (for 13S, 47/48V NCM/NCA Battery)

54.6V Charger

54.6V 2A Plastic Case Charger, 54.6V 5A Charger (with 80/90/100% Switch)

50V (14S5P) Rectangle Battery Pack Options

14S5P Battery Option

50V 10.5Ah Standard Pack (14S5P-22P), 50V 12.3Ah High-Power Pack (14S5P-25R), 50V 14.8Ah High-Power Pack (14S5P-30Q), 50V 15.5Ah High-Energy Pack (14S5P-33G), 50V 17.0Ah High-Energy Pack (14S5P-MJ1)

50V (14S6P) Small Triangle Pack With Bag Options

14S6P Battery Option

50V 12.6Ah Standard Pack (14S6P-22P), 50V 14.7Ah High-Power Pack (14S6P-25R), 50V 17.7Ah High-Power Pack (14S6P-30Q), 50V 18.6Ah High-Energy Pack (14S6P-33G), 50V 20.4Ah High-Energy Pack (14S6P-MJ1)

50V (14S7P) Rectangle Battery Pack Options

50V Rectangle Battery Pack

50V 14.7Ah Standard Pack (14S7P-22P), 50V 21.7Ah High-Energy Pack (14S7P-33G), 50V 17.2Ah High-Power Pack (14S7P-25R), 50V 20.7Ah High-Power Pack (14S7P-30Q), 50V 23.8Ah High-Energy Pack (14S7P-MJ1)

50V (14S9P) Large Triangle Pack With Bag Options

14S9P Battery Option

50V 18.9Ah Standard Pack (14S9P-22P), 50V 22.05Ah High-Power Pack (14S9P-25R), 50V 26.55Ah High-Power Pack (14S9P-30Q), 50V 27.9Ah High-Energy Pack (14S9P-33G), 50V 30.6Ah High-Energy Pack (14S9P-MJ1)

58.8V Charger (for 14S, 50V Battery)

58.8V Charger

58.8V 2A Plastic Case Charger, 58.8V 5A Charger (with 90/100% Switch)

AC Plug for Charger

AC Plug Type

Australia/NZ, Europe, UK, USA


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