Full Twist Throttle With 3 Speed and Cruise


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Full Twist Throttle With 3 Speed and Cruise with integrated 3 speed switch and cruise push-button (can be used for any function requiring a momentary contact). This throttle is only for use with our older Infineon Controllers.

  • Typical hall sensor throttle.
  • 3 speed switch.
  • Momentary contact push-button, can be used for a variety of functions, but is used for Cruise activation on EM3ev kits

Note: cruise is a function of the controller which is activated by the throttle push-button, it will not have this function unless the controller is suitably equipped and with the correct connections. Standard Connection is to our Infineon Controller.

Weight 0.35 kg
Throttle Connection Type

To CA3 (0.3m), To Infineon Controller (1.5m)


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