6 FET IRFB3077 (25A) Sensored Infineon Controller: Fully Programmable For Motors With Hall Sensors

6 FET IRFB3077 (25A) Sensored Infineon Controller: Fully Programmable For Motors With Hall Sensors

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$60.00 (USD)

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Controller Battery Connections


Phase Wire Connections


Bar-Mounted Power Switch: For Infineon Controllers – optional

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EB3 Infineon Program Lead: For Programming EB3 Infineon Controllers (Software included) - Do Not Connect To the CA3 PAS/Torque Connector – optional

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6 FET IRFB3077 (25A) Sensored Infineon Controller

6 FET IRFB3077 (25A) Sensored Infineon Controller for 36V and 50V Battery Packs

6 FET IRFB3077 (25A) Sensored Infineon Controller: Functionality

Includes following functions as standard (we strongly recommend our matching Throttle are also purchased to make use of all functions and for plug and play simplicity:

  • Throttle connection with Integrated push button cruise, separate 3 speed connection (Full and Half Twist include integrated 3Sp and Cruise, Thumb Throttle is not integrated, but still includes all the same functionality with appropriate parts
  • Correctly Connected Cycle Analyst plug, with Shunt Value Marked on case for CA Shunt calibration
  • Programming header for simple programming flash via the USB program cable (the program cable is an optional extra)
  • E-brake with Motor kill and Regen (jumper enabled)
  • Remote low power ignition switch connection (bar mounted power switch available). There is zero current drain when low power switch is powered off, so not necessary to disconnect when not in use, avoiding the sparks and damage that the uncontrolled current surge can cause

6 FET IRFB3077 (25A) Sensored Infineon Controller: Fully Programmable

Fully programmable using the optional USB program cable. The following functions/parameters can be modified:

  • Battery and Phase current (inferred, not measured) can be independently adjusted
  • Low Voltage Cut
  • High Voltage Cut, or regen Voltage Limit
  • 3 programmable speed settings
  • Various Pedal Assist and Re-Gen braking parameters can be adjusted

6 FET IRFB3077 (25A) Sensored Infineon Controller: Specification

  • 6pcs of Genuine IRFB3077 Mosfets. Just about the best 75V TO-220 Mosfet available
  • 63V Caps, Max input voltage is limited to 60V
  • 36-50V operation, 60V max
  • 25A Current Limit
  • 2.5mm2 (Almost 13AWG) High Temperature Silicone wires used on Phase and Supply cables
  • Dimension: 125 * 65 * 35mm
  • Weight: 0.28kg


EM3ev Infineon controller pinouts:



EM3ev Infineon Connections including V2 Cycle Analyst:

https://1drv.ms/b/s!AgXNuMx0hAiShMMgmBPeegTlVPBJMA More info on the CA3 as well as the Infineon Controller connections can be found here.