CA3 Cycle Analyst PAS Speed Sensor

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CA3 Cycle Analyst PAS Speed Sensor

The CA3 Cycle Analyst PAS Speed Sensor is specifically intended for the CA3Cycle Analyst, it is not a standard PAS Speed Sensor, it cannot be plugged into a regular controller with PAS function. It only works with this unit:  CA3 Cycle Analyst Ebike Computer, CA-DPS


CA3 Cycle Analyst, PAS Speed Sensor

The 12-magnet PAS ring is the least expensive and easiest way to convert a CA3 equipped bike into a Pedalec. The device can be used on the left or right side of the bike and the split magnet ring means no disassembly of the bike is required and of course it comes with a matching plug to the standard CA3. With this device you get assistance poportional to the pedal cadence, but it cannot measure torque, only speed. In order to get assistance, which is proportional to the riders applied torque, will require a compatible torque sensing bottom bracket of some type. Chainring Style Magnet Ring also now available.


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