DNM Burner-RCP2-S Rear Shock

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DNM Burner-RCP2-S Rear Shock


The DNM Burner-RCP2-S Rear Shock is a solid rear suspension option for the EEB frame.

DNM Burner-RCP2-S Rear Shock Info:


– DNM Burner-RCP2-S

Weight: ~0.9kg

Eye to Eye: 220mm to best match the EEB frame

Travel: 66mm (equivalent to ~200mm suspension travel when installed on the frame).


Adjustments: Rebound / Compression / Preload / Adjust high pressure

Coil spring: 650lb standard, 750lb 0ption (90kg, 200lb plus riders may prefer the stiffer stiffer spring)
Color: Black

Accordingly to our supplier, the RCP3 is no longer being manufactured. We are now offering the RCP2-S which is made in Taiwan.


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