EM3ev 72V (20S10P) Rectangle Ebike Battery Pack (24.5AH-29.5AH)

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EM3ev 72V (20S10P) Rectangle Battery Pack

Our latest cell offering, the Panasonic PF will be available early next week. (09/03/18)

Em3ev battery packs include (patented) safety features that you will not find elsewhere (on any Ebike Battery Pack that we are aware of). Our stand out battery pack features are the facts that every single cell in the battery is fused. This is in addition to the normal battery management system (BMS). The BMS protects the battery against over-charge, excessive charge/discharge current and also balancing.

This rectangular battery packs has a shrink wrap finish and uses CNC cell holders. We build battery packs (and design/manufacture most of the key component parts on our own high-tech machines). We build our own battery packs, as we want to do things right, we want to do things safe, we want to innovate and because we can.

EM3ev packs are always conservatively/accurately rated, which will help to ensure our packs provide a long and reliable service life. On top of all this, we stand behind our products (1 year warranty) and WE WILL fix any issues that occur (with minimum inconvenience, no cost to the customer and no we do not ask customers to return parts to China!). Here at EM3ev, we are not about hype, spin and self-promotion, our reputation was built the old fashioned way, by happy/satisfied customers.

EM3ev 72V (20S10P) Rectangle Ebike Battery Pack: BMS and Discharge Info

Our 20S BMS is rated for 80A continuous discharge current and a recommended max of ~100A discharge current. We would recommend the cells be ran at roughly 50% of their max continuous ratings. Of course they can provide the full discharge, but there can be voltage sag and reduced capacity if this is done.

For the 25R cells this means a recommended max discharge current of approx. 100A, ~74A max discharged current for the 30Q cells and 89A for the HG2 cells. We recommend a max discharge of approx 47A for the 33G cells, 51A for the 35E and 57A for the PF cells.

EM3ev 72V (20S10P) Rectangle Ebike Battery Pack: Cell Types

We offer various Samsung and LG cell types, in addition to the standard ICR18650-22 (NCM cell, 3C rated, approximately 2.1Ah) cell. These new cell types are the High Energy INR18650-33G (NCA Cell, 3C Max rated cell but recommend 1.5C), with approx. 3.1Ah nominal Capacity), LG MJ1 (NCA, 3C Max (1.5C recmmended), ~3.40Ah) and the High Energy 18650, Samsung 35E (NCA, 3C Max 3.40Ah but recommend 1.5C) and Panasonic PF (NCA 2C recommended Max, 3C Max burst current ~2.85Ah). There is also the High Power cells, the INR18650-25R and INR18650-30Q. These are NCA type cells, ~8C rated with Capacity of approximately 2.45Ah (25R) and ~5C rated and capacity of 2.95Ah for the 30Q cell and ~6C for the LG HG2. Regardless of the cell type used, the dimensions of the pack are unchanged.

EM3ev 72V (20S10P) Rectangle Ebike Battery Pack: Pre-Charge

When the customer orders a battery with a kit we will make the controller to battery connections plug. This includes a Pre-Charge. We will supply a matching tail which should be linked to your existing controller if a battery is purchased without a controller. We use the XT90-S pre-charge connector. It is essential a Pre-Charge is used when connecting to the controller to avoid the large spark that occurs without such a system. This will avoid issues with connectors and the Battery BMS. Various optional chargers are offered.

EM3ev 72V (20S10P) Rectangle Ebike Battery Pack Specs:

  • Every cell in the pack is fused (just like almost all of the batteries we supply). We have been designing and manufacturing (in-house) our own battery terminations for several years already. Cell level fusing, means that in the event of an internal short circuit in the battery (which the BMS cannot protect against), then all that will happen is that some sacrificial links will safely open, preventing any of the cells or cabling from overheating and becoming dangerous. CNC spot welding ensures consistent weld quality and weld position. Safe by design!
  • We conservatively rate the cells as 2.45Ah (SDI, 25R), 2.10Ah (SDI, 22P), 3.10Ah (SDI, 33G), 3.40Ah (LG MJ1 and 35E), 2.85Ah (Panasonic PF), and 2.95Ah (SDI, 30Q and LG HG2). Like with any Li Ion type battery, best long term performance is obtained by not using all of the available capacity all of the time.
  • Energy Density of 150Whrs plus for finished pack.

EM3ev 72V (20S10P) Rectangle Ebike Battery Pack Cycle Life and Charging

  • Cycle Life estimated at 500-700 cycles (to 80% Retained) with 100% Charge and 100% discharge cycles. Cycle life is extended (possibly doubled) by charging to 90% and limiting discharge to 90%. So if you use 80% of the available capacity (most, but not all of the time). We make it easy to control the Charge voltage with our switching charger. To accurately limit discharge the Cycle Analyst is a great tool. Using continuous High Discharge Rates over the recommended levels will cause cell heating and can shorten cycle life.
  • Charge Voltage of 84V for 100% charger, 82V for 90% and 76V for 50% charge. (Our NCM 3A chargers include a switch to charge to 100%, 90% and 50%).
  • Maximum Charge Current 12A max (BMS limited).

EM3ev 72V (20S10P) Rectangle Ebike Battery Pack: Weight and Dimensions

  • Dimensions: ~195*230*140mm
  • Weight: 11kg (25R, PF, 35E and 30Q)


Lead-Times For Ebike Battery Pack

We don’t keep this battery pack in stock. Each battery pack is built on a per-order basis. As this is a very large battery with 200 cells, the lead time is approx. 2 weeks for this particular ebike battery pack – when we are extremely busy the lead time can extend to 3 weeks. If you have any questions about this, please get in touch via the contact form.

Weight Limitations On Shipping

There may be weight restrictions on depending upon the destination country. The 20s10p battery pack is currently our largest battery offering. If you have any questions, please contact us.

1 review for EM3ev 72V (20S10P) Rectangle Ebike Battery Pack (24.5AH-29.5AH)

  1. 5 out of 5

    Ted Beiler (verified owner)

    I have had this pack in my modified Virtue Pedalist for almost 3 years now. Zero issues, still has great range, holding up well. Considering another one for my highly modified HPV Scorpion. Great people to deal with, always stay in touch. 5 Stars.

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