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EM3ev Ebike Battery Packs Clearance Sale!

$735.00 $625.00 (USD)

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$735.00 $625.00 (USD)

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We have several ebike battery packs that are priced to clear. All of these battery packs will be re-tested before they ship to ensure that they are providing the rated capacity. Like all our ebike batteries, these come with a 1-year guarantee.

50.4V (AKA 52V) 16.8Ah Heat Shrink Ebike Battery Pack (1 left)

14S (50.4V nominal) 8P (16.8Ah) Standard 22P cells with heat shrink finish. This battery pack uses a BMS rated for 40A continuous discharge current and a peak of 80A. The battery pack has a recommended max current of 35A. (Charger is not included)

The dimensions of the ebike battery pack are approx. 83*276*140mm

Weight: 5.6KG

50.4V 16.8Ah Heat Shrink Ebike Battery Pack

50.4V 16.8Ah Heat Shrink Ebike Battery Pack

Further Discount

We can give a 5% discount on top of the clearance price if either bank transfer or an online payment service such as Transfer Wise is chosen as the payment method. If you wish to avail of this, order using the bank transfer/request a quote payment method instead of PayPal, mentioned the 5% discount and we can get back to you with a revised invoice.


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