Sapim Spokes (13G) Let Us Know The Length (mm) in the Order Notes



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Sapim Spokes (13G)

Sapim are World famous for making 1 of the best spokes you can buy. Now we have Sapim Spokes (13G) straight spokes in standard silver finish and also black finish (nipples are silver). The black finish is very hard wearing, but does add a significant cost to the standard finish spoke. Of course every spoke comes complete with a matching Sapim Nipple (Polyax Nipple). Spoke length is custom, we use a Morizumi Spoke Cutter and Thread Rolling Machine. Minimum Spoke length is currently 119mm, max is over 300mm. Coloured nipples are easily marked when building the wheel and so they do not really make sense, we only offer silver nipples.
Please state spoke length and quantity in comments at checkout. We use Grin’s Spoke Calculation software, so long as the correct values are entered, it works very well. It can be found here:

We can only provide correct spoke lengths for the motors we offer, fitted into the rims we also offer. If you have a 3rd party rim and/or motor – it is the buyers responsibility to determine the correct spoke length. I’m sorry we cannot take responsibility for calculating the correct lengths.


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