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Thumb Throttle With 3 Speed Switch: A Simple Throttle Solution

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3 Speed Switch For EM3ev Infineon Controller or CA3

Bar-Mounted Power Switch: For Infineon Controllers

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Thumb Throttle With 3 Speed Switch

Simple and compact Thumb Throttle which along with the separate 3 speed switch and power switch enables throttle, 3 speed, cruise and power on/off control on our EM3ev Infineon controllers.

Thumb Throttle With 3 Speed Switch: Info

When this thumb throttle With 3 speed switch is used with our EM3ev Infineon Controllers, it really should be combined with the 3 speed Switch and also the Power Switch. If you do not use the 3 speed switch or link the necessary connectors, the controller will be fixed to speed 2 only.

Thumb Throttle With 3 Speed Switch: Recommendations

It is also strongly recommended that the Bar mounted power switch is used as the spare push button on the power switch is then used for Cruise enable.  If the cruise function is used, it is also strongly recommended that some form of ebrake is used as this kills the cruise. Without some way to kill the cruise function, it could cause a serious safety issue in an emergency.


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