About EM3ev

A Little Bit About EM3ev

EM3ev are both a manufacturer of a range of battery packs and also a supplier for a range of Electric Bike products. EM3ev is based out of Changzhou, China, and is managed and operated by a British owner with an Engineering Background. We do also have local support in the USA, UK, Australia and even Ireland, so we will generally not be asking customers to return parts to China if they have an issue (and on the occasions we do, we would normally cover the shipping costs).

We have been supplying Ebike parts, collaborating closely with various manufacturers and building our own, in-house assembled Ebike Battery Packs, since 2011 (we’ve also built a few batteries for BEV Cars, BEV Tracked Vehicles, eScooters and a high performance BEV Motorcycle). We operate out of a small, but well equipped manufacturing facility, with various test equipment, and CNC Machines that are used in our battery pack manufacturing.

Please check out the various reviews we have received on our various products throughout this website and have a search for “EM3ev Reviews” on your preferred search engine, where I am sure you should find lots of impartial reviews and feedback on our products and services. EM3ev has quietly built up a good reputation, as a company that not only offers good products, that deliver what we say or more (we prefer to under-promise and over-deliver, rather than SHOUT) and we stand behind our products (we offer a 1-year warranty on all our products, unless specifically stated otherwise).

Product Updates and Information About Ordering

We can be reached via the contact form, here: Contact Us. Before you contact us about shipping costs or a quote, please be aware the site has an automated checkout and we have some info on what the shipping options mean, here: Shipping Options Explained. To most destinations, you can get an accurate shipping quote and checkout with PayPal.

Whilst we cannot receive Credit Card payments directly, PayPal does allow customers to pay via CC or Debit Card. You do not need a PayPal account to use PayPal. Please be aware that Batteries must be shipped via a proper battery shipping method, which will have “Battery” in the description. Battery shipping costs are often changing, so there may not be a suitable option listed, or it could show a higher or lower cost than it actually is. There is the option to Checkout with “Request a Quote” so if you have any doubts, please use that option and add your comments.

For Business/Dealer, we can offer quantity discounts, please get in touch if you have any questions: Contact Us.

Using the “Request a quote” option at checkout to select parts you have an interest in, will save all of our time. Add comments letting us know that you are a business customer and let us know something about your company.