During a lot of online research on transforming both a Fatbike and a Cargo bike to electric, I frequently came across excellent reviews in online forums of EM3EV. After having bought two conversion kits from Bafang (both BBS02 and BBSHD) and two 14s battery packs I can really attest to friendly and helpful service from the team at EM3EV and delivery of quality products. Well done!

Trondur (happy customer from the Netherlands)

Awesome battery so glad i went with em3ev instead of some other brand their
batteries are well packed come with a 1 year warranty and are super helpful!
Would recommend em3ev over any other battery manufacturer.


What a fantastic experience! I was most pleasantly surprised when I recently made a purchase from this company.
I had bought some parts but had ordered something which was not compatible with the other parts. Moon quickly contacted me and the mistake was soon corrected. Incredibly fast, meticulous and friendly service. I will definitely be recommending this company to my friends. Thank you Moon and Joseph!



I just passed 4000km on my bike without replacing or repairing a single component of the electrics. Every time I’ve thought I had a problem it has turned out to be the bike itself, not the electrics. I use the bike for my regular commute and I live in the subtropics, so it has ridden through cyclones and thunderstorms as well as hot weather without missing a beat. It’s just as responsive as it was when I bought it.


Its not often I write an email to a company to say thanks. It has been the greatest pleasure to deal with your company. I decided to go with you guys for a few reasons including the obvious dedication to quality batteries. I am blown away with the quality of workmanship and pride you obviously take in your product. I was also attracted to Paul’s story as I myself moved to Canada to start a new life and family ten years ago. Its really cool to see how your hard work and dedication has turned into a thriving business for you and your family. It is heartening to see how much you all care about your customers and that delivery the highest quality is as important to you as making money.


Right from the start any questions I had were quickly answered with a high level of professionalism. Joseph in particular was very helpful and was kind enough to send a 7.5mm spacer which turned out to be crucial on my build to get the correct spacing and clear the chain stay with the motor.


Shipping was fantastic and I had no issues with import taxes on the battery or the motor! Happy to save a few dollars there. Moon and Latina were very quick to update me on the shipping process and keep me informed as to what was happening. Its a big chunk of money for me to spend so it helped to settle my nerves to have such good communication.


Bike is running great and the kids love the fact that daddy can now make it up the big hills with our bike trailer! I will be doing a video of the build to help others so I will forward it on when its done for you to see. I have some cool ideas for quality of life improvements for the bafang system. 1st up is to ditch my deraileur on the back and switch to an internal hub. I might have to save a bit first as the one I want is a 14 speed Rohloff!!! My wife is going to shoot me lol. Anyway I will send you details in the future of my ideas. Who knows maybe one of them could become a future product to be sold along with the motor kits.


You are all busy people so I will not go on so long. Thanks again for making this purchase such an awesome experience. It has earned you not only a loyal customer but a mouthpiece for your company.


My very best regards to all.


Thanks for your helpful, first rate customer service, first comment is for my bbshd kit & battery, next comment is for the battery replacement with an existing build. I\’m thankful to now have the replacement battery charger cable to sent; to go out riding tomorrow, early morning before the California heat.

For my second BBSHD build, I chose EM3ev, as they had the 68mm bb BBSHD version I was needing, and at the best price. I\’m impressed with, not only, the quality of the Bafang motor kit, but also with the helpful customer service of Paul and other staff.

While it takes at least a couple weeks to receive the order to the USA, I was relaxed and not in a hurry. The kit had everything needed to convert my newish mtb bike into a great e-mtb bike. The lekkie 42t chain ring lined up well with existing 9sp cassette. Push button e-brake works great for my style of riding, maintaining cadence, while protecting the chain.

Since bike already had hydraulic brakes on donor bike, I chose the push button motor kill button as existing magnetic hydraulic brake work-arounds were unsatisfactory for me with my last build.

The 50V (14S6P) Small Triangle Pack With Hardcase with Smart BMS is great; more than adequate for my mtn bike adventures! The triangle bag is just a little disappointing because its dimensions seem designed to fit the larger battery. When used with this smaller battery it needs to be scrunched into my small mtb frame, making the fit extremely tight and then a little difficult to zip up. If there was a triangle bag with dimensions similar to that of the smaller battery it would be perfect.

Yes, I would purchase again with Paul & Em3ev. I look forward to progress on new, improved ways to secure these great batteries. Regarding the 50V (14S9P) Large Triangle Pack With Smart BMS Bag Options – 50V 25.7Ah High-Energy Pack With 60A Smart BMS, this is a monster; quite a step-up from a 52v 11ah battery. Well made and after a couple months of use, durable and long-lasting, especially with 90% charge. I definitely have fun going faster, farther & without any energy dropout I\’d experience with previously used dolphin battery when I\’d gone fast & far.

A great battery and I\’d buy again, perhaps with a higher energy pack. Being able to place battery securely within my triangle would be an improvement. Make sure to measure bike frame\’s triangle space a second time. Thanks Paul, wishing you continued success. And again, thank you for sending the replacement charger adapter. Seems my partner somehow misplaced it. I\’ve secured the replacement with a zip tie.


[:en]This is a testimonial/review of the small triangle battery pack and 6 fet 3077 controller. The products and service you provide have exceeded my expectations. After 1,545 miles of riding the small triangle pack with 25R cells is as strong as the day it arrived. It powers my home built mid drive to 32 miles per hour and has a useful range of 30miles when charged and discharged to 90%, I think this is phenomenal for a pack of this size! The 6 fet 3077 controller delivers its 25 amps all day long with extended bursts of 30+ amps and no issues with overheating. Delivery was quick, customer service was excellent and I will defiantly be getting my next battery from em3ev. Thank you[:]


I love this company! The staff are friendly, helpful, and respond to email within hours. Their DHL shipping option is phenomenal – I received my order in two days. This is my first choice e-bike part supplier. Well done – keep up the great work!


Please forward to every member of ur family of em3ev!

Here it’s been a great ride! Tks guys for everything. I can do mtb again bcause of your kit. My lower back and my knee been injured badly and i got fibromyalgia so without ur help my bike would still be parked and collecting dust?.

Keep on ur good work!


I bought a triangle pack in March 2016…. I reported the issue to EM3ev and they were very concerned. Asked me to do a few tests and it was determined that the battery had a faulty BMS…..
They did a replacement pack with upgraded batteries for free….. I offered to pay USD300 to share in the cost, they refused! I received the new battery 2 weeks after I first reported the issue.
They let me keep the old battery and I was able to salvage about 100 of the cells.
The new battery has been installed for the last month and has already done 700km with no issues.
I would like to commend EM3ev for their professionalism and pride in their company and products.

Kenneth Low

Excellent, excellent, excellent (did I mention excellent) motor! So much fun, so much torque. I bought mine with 30q 52v battery, unbelievable power. Done about 300 km yet but absolutely no regrets. Get the 42 teeth Lekkie ring, makes worlds of difference. The new color display is also a must item, was going to run the motor without display but now can’t live without it 🙂 Great customer service, will recommend.


Just completed the pipeline challenge 600km of grueling maintenance trail. plenty of sand, rocks pea gravel, some road stages.
Running an 8T MAC in a 29ER with 2x 29E EM3ev triangle ebike battery packs (one borrowed from Kai in review above!) managed 99kms on a single charge using position 1 and plenty of pedaling with avg speeds >33kmh.  Punched it a few times in uphill sand with 2000W+ for ~5mins with no melted anything!
Cant say a bad word about the factory in Shanghai – was looked after like a god whilst Pauls team sorted an issue i had with a bearing.

Things i’ve learned in the 7 ebike kits i’ve bought from Paul (for both my bikes and friends)
no-one has broken anything and price is forgotten on the first ride when you realise that a bike fitted with a MAC and a frame pack = street weapon / commuter / downhill / fatbike / mountain bike whatever you want Paul has a kit to suit.
thumbs up – thanks again Paul and the team at EM3EV