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Electrify Your Old Bikes to get All New E-Bikes

Are you still deciding between buying a new electric bike Vs converting your existing old bike into an ebike? If you have an old bicycle, why don’t you convert it to a completely new e-bike with the help of ebike kits. Here is detailed look into what is needed:

What Are eBike or electric bike Conversion Kits?

eBike kits or e-bike conversion kits are a great way of turning an ordinary bicycle into an e-bike in a highly affordable manner.

In order to convert a standard bicycle into e-bike, you need four main parts to be installed:

  • A battery
  • A motor
  • Controller
  • Throttle

An ebike kit comes inclusive of all these parts and in easy-to-fit equipment that gets easily installed on a standard bicycle.

You might be surprised at the ease with which a bike can be converted to an e-bike. Choosing the right ebike kit for your needs can be the most challenging part. Budget, speed and range requirements all come into play in helping to make the right decision.

Once you have read this post you should have a better understanding of ebike conversion kits.

Types Of E-Bike Conversion Kits:

E-bike conversion kits could be of the following types:

Hub Motor Conversion Kits:

Hub motors are the most common kind of ebike kit. This involves the replacement of one of the wheels of your bicycle with a hub motor.

Hub motor type conversion kits allow you to choose between a pedal sensor and throttle, depending upon your preferences.

Mid-Drive Conversion Kits:

Mid-drive ebike kits are a more recent offering. Instead of replacing one of the wheels with a wheel containing a hub motor, the motor drives the chain. Often a mid-drive is attached to the bike’s bottom bracket.

Mid-drive ebike conversion kits are not suitable for all kinds of bicycles, as the bicycle frame needs to be suitable.

electric bike conversion
                                 ebike conversion kit

Friction Drive Conversion Kits:  

This is possibly a less preferred type of an e bike kit. A friction drive conversion consists of a motor-controlled roller that is installed on the seat post so that it can make contact with the back wheel. As the name suggests, it moves the wheel and the bike through friction. These are easy to install, but less powerful than the other types and can lose traction in the wet.

The bottom line is that ebike conversion kits are easy to install and are less expensive than buying a new e-bike. One just needs to choose best kit to fit your needs and at EM3EV, we can help you decide and purchase a good quality kit and great price. Check out our shop: https://em3ev.com/shop/?prod_cat_=e-bike-kit-motor