How to order a BBS (BBS02/BBSHD) motor:

For a working BBS kit a battery and charger needs to be added. We would also recommend a throttle and ebrakes. Even if you won’t use a throttle – it is useful to have for trouble-shooting.

The BBS kits are designed to be used with a BSA (threaded) type bottom bracket (BB). If your bike is fitted with a press-fit bottom bracket then an adaptor will be required. If you use the contact form to send us an email we can get back to you with more details.

All of the batteries that are an option in the BBS02 or BBSHD product listings are designed to be compatible with a battery. If a certain type of battery is absent, it is either not suitable, or the choices we have chosen are a better match for the motor.

How to order a Mac Hub motor

For a working Mac hub motor kit, a throttle or PAS, controller, wheel build (by selecting rim and spoke type), battery and charger needs to be added. We would also recommend at least 1 torque arm and an ebrake be chosen too.

Like with the BBS kits, all of the batteries are appropriate for the controller in the product listings and have been chosen to be well-matched for the application.

Please note that no Cycle Analyst can be used with the PAS (peddle assist system) display/controller at the same time, as they use the same connector on the controller. If you wish to use a Cycle Analyst and PAS then the CA3 and the CA3 speed sensor must be selected.

Please note that if buying a CA3 and and programme lead for the controller then under no circumstances should the controller’s programme lead be connected to the torque sensor for the CA3. This should only connect to the controller. Connecting it to the CA3 will blow a protective diode and the Cycle Analyst will stop functioning until the diode is replaced.

The 25A 6 fet controller is not a good choice for the Mac if the voltage of the battery is “48V” – i.e. both 13S and 14S (48V and 52V in ebike parlance). The 25A 6 fet controller will have no issues if it is ran at 36V and is a very good choice for such an application.

The 3KW and 5KW Hub Motor Options

The 3KW and the QS 5KW motors are large, heavy duty motors. For a working kit, a throttle, controller, battery and charger needs to be selected. You cannot use these motors on a normal bicycle. They require a dropout width of 152mm and beefy torque arms. The EEB frame is perfectly attuned for this applications, with its built-in torque plates.

These are large motors and they run quite high power levels. When paired with the 80A Sabvoton controller and a 72V battery, they can both reach speeds of up to 80KPH (50MPH) on the flat in a 19″ moto wheel. We don’t offer these motors in a bicycle rim. We feel that a bicycle rim is really not appropriate for such heavy motors and the high speeds that they run. These motors are really in light-motorcycle territory.

In terms of the battery, if using the 80A Sabvoton controller – then the high power 25R or HG2 cells are necessary. With the 60A Infineon controller – the PF or 35E cells are okay for the application.

If you have any questions, please direct these to the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.