Merry Christmas!

Christmas Day and I’m working…. as usual..:(

Anyway, we have some good News. The BBSHD are finally now ready, we will have them within 2 or 3 days and they are now available to order here. The good news is that it is also offered with the Gearsensor and all for a great price. We do have a sample Bling Ring for the HD motor, it looks great and we hope to have them available for sale within about 2 weeks. I’ll get the new Bling Ring HD listed and get some nice pics taken soon.

2 weeks. I’ll get the new Bling Ring HD listed and get some nice pics taken soon.

The Bling Ring comes from EV Lab, a small New Zealand Company. Daryl, the main man at EV Lab has extensive design experience and his original Bling Ring for the BBS02 has been a big hit, with almost no problems and lots of satisfied customers. We like to support innovative Companies from around the World, wherever possible (rather than just rip off their ideas with varying degrees of success, like some). As always, we stand behind our product, we’ve been around for a few years now, offering products at a fair and sustainable price (for a company located in China) and we are not going anywhere. Despite what some seem to suggest/think, we do have have local support, especially in the USA, as well as having various small dealers around the World, that we support and provide products to.

We will have a new Support Person working with us in 2016. Joseph is from Ireland, he’s a long time Ebike Enthusiast and we’ll be training him up in the coming months, to free me up to focus more on the products. We have heaps of Cool Stuff lined up for the coming months, watch this space 🙂