12 FET (3077) 40A Black Case Infineon Controller

12 FET (3077) 40A Black Case Infineon Controller

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12 fet 3077 (Black Case)

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Throttle Type

EB3 Infineon Program Lead: For Programming EB3 Infineon Controllers (Software included) - Do Not Connect To the CA3 PAS/Torque Connector – optional

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The Black Case Infineon controller comes with 3 speed and cruise buttons as well as an E-BUS harness. The throttle and ebrakes use the same Higo connectors as the BBS kits. Please note that the Black Case E-BUS and the BBS E-BUS harness are not compatible. The controller has a built-in power switch.

The controller programme lead connector is located inside the controller. If the CA3 is to be used with this controller the ebrakes, throttle and 3 speed connectors should connect straight to the CA3 and not to the controller. The cruise button must not be used with the CA3 – as you can lose control of the throttle.