EM3ev 52V (14s5p) Rectangle Ebike Battery Pack

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50V (14S5P) Rectangle Battery Pack With Smart BMS Options


58.8V Charger (for 14S, 50/52V Battery)

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Grin Satiator Including New Version (AKA ST3) Adaptor (48V Version, Contact us if you require 72V)

Grin Satiator, Universal Battery Charger


Charge Adapter

Charge Adapter for Customer not purchasing a Charger


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Discharge Connector for Customer Purchasing a Battery without a Charger.


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EM3ev 52V (14s5p) Rectangle Ebike Battery Pack 

We now are fitting the 14s5p rectangle battery pack with a Smart BMS and power switch. The Smart BMS allows the cell group voltage, temperature and battery capacity percentage to be monitored via an Android app through a Bluetooth connection. The Smart BMS will balance the cells even at a 90% state of charge (balancing occurs between a SoC of 50% and 99%).

Em3ev battery packs include (patented) safety features that you will not find elsewhere (on any Ebike Battery Pack that we are aware of). Our battery pack’s stand out features are the facts that every single cell in the battery is fused. We have all the signal wires also fused. This is in addition to the normal battery management system (BMS). The BMS protects the battery against over-charge, excessive charge/discharge current and also balancing.

Our rectangular battery packs are housed in a very robust plastic case that not only provides serious mechanical protection, but is also water-resistant. We build battery packs (and design/manufacture most of the key component parts on our own high-tech machines). We build our own battery packs, as we want to do things right, we want to do things safe, we want to innovate and because we can.

EM3ev packs are always conservatively/accurately rated, which will help to ensure our packs provide a long and reliable service life. On top of all this, we stand behind our products (1 year warranty) and WE WILL fix any issues that occur (with minimum inconvenience, no cost to the customer and no we do not ask customers to return parts to China!). Here at EM3ev, we are not about hype, spin and self-promotion, our reputation was built the old fashioned way, by happy/satisfied customers.


Specification for each variant of the 52V Rectangle Ebike Battery Pack

Cell Type Capacity (Ah) Capacity (Whrs) Max Cont. Current Max Burst Current Weight
Standard – 22P 50.4V 10.5Ah 529Whrs ~21A ~30A ~4.1kg
High Energy – 33G 50.4V 15.5Ah 781Whrs ~23A ~30A ~4.3kg
High Energy – PF 50.4V 14.3Ah 720Whrs ~29A ~43A ~4.3kg
High Energy – LG MJ1 50.4V 16.8Ah 844Whrs ~25A ~33A ~4.3kg
High Power – 25R 50.4V 12.3Ah 617Whrs ~40A ~55A ~4.1kg
High Power – 28A (P28A) 50.4V 13.8Ah 695Whrs ~40A ~55A ~4.1kg
High Power – 30Q 50.4V 14.8Ah 743Whrs ~40A ~55A ~4.3kg
High Power – HG2 50.4V 14.8Ah 743Whrs ~40A ~55A ~4.3kg
High Energy – Samsung 35E 50.4V 16.8Ah 844Whrs ~25A ~33A ~4.3kg
High Energy – Panasonic GA 50.4V 16.8Ah 844Whrs ~25A ~33A ~4.3kg


Please note we recommend a max of no more than 50A for the Smart BMS. The trip current is set just above 60A. 

We offer various Samsung and LG cell types, in addition to the standard ICR18650-22 (NCM cell, 3C rated, approximately 2.1Ah) cell. These new cell types are the High Energy INR18650-33G (NCA Cell, 3C Max rated cell, with approx. 3.1Ah nominal Capacity), Panasonic PF (NCA cells, 3C Max ~2.85Ah) and LG MJ1 (NCA, 3C Max, ~3.40Ah). There is also the High Power cells, the INR18650-25R and INR18650-30Q and LG HG2. These are NCA type cells, ~8C rated with Capacity of approximately 2.45Ah (25R), ~5C rated with capacity of 2.95Ah for the 30Q cell and ~6C rated with a capacity of 2.95Ah for the LG HG2. Regardless of the cell type used, the dimensions of the pack are unchanged. The Molicel 28A (P28A) is BMS-limited to a max of 55A. It offers 2.75Ah of capacity and in terms of max dischargge a 12.7C rating.

We will make the controller to battery connectors plug-and-play for the customer when a battery is ordered with a kit. If a battery is purchased without a controller, we will supply a matching tail which should be linked to your existing controller supply. We use the XT90-S pre-charge connector. It is essential a Pre-Charge is used when connecting to the controller to avoid the large spark that occurs without such a system. This will avoid issues with connectors and the Battery BMS. Various optional chargers are offered.

EM3ev 52V (14s5p) Rectangle Ebike Battery Pack Specs:

  • We use a cell level fuse on every single cell in the battery pack (patented design). In the event of a serious accident or abuse, the affected cells will disconnect and avoid a dangerous situation. There is no way other than cell level fusing to protect against an internal short-circuit in the battery, neither a good BMS or a pack fuse can protect against an internal short-circuit in the battery. In addition to the cell level fusing, we also implement a pack fuse. The pack fuse will blow if, for example, the battery discharge lead were shorted out. So there is no chance that the cell level fuses would blow from an external short-circuit.
  • PPTC thermal fuses used on all signal wires. If a fault were to ever occur on any of the small balance wires which run around the battery pack, the fuse simply shuts down the connection and keeps everything safe. Once the customer removes the fault condition the function returns to normal.
  • We use 14S (50.4V, based on 14*3.6V), not 13S (46.8V nominal, based on 13* 3.6V) like everybody else. Therefore, that means a working voltage of over 48V most of the time. It also means that you’re getting that much more capacity than you would have had with an equivalent 13S Pack from somewhere else (7.7% extra versus a 13S equivalent). Our 14S NCM packs have very similar charge and discharge voltages to our 16S A123 packs.
  • We conservatively rate the cells as 2.45Ah (SDI, 25R), 2.10Ah (SDI, 22P), 2.85Ah (Panasonic, PF) 3.10Ah (SDI, 33G), 3.40Ah (LG MJ1, Panasonic GA, Samsung 35E), and 2.95Ah (SDI, 30Q) and (LG HG2). Like with any Li Ion type battery, best long term performance is obtained by not using all of the available capacity all of the time.
  • Energy Density of 150Whrs plus for finished pack.

EM3ev 52V (14s5p) Rectangle Ebike Battery Pack Cycle Life And Charging

  • Cycle Life estimated at 500-700 cycles (to 80% Retained) with 100% Charge and 100% discharge cycles. The cycle life is extended (possibly doubled) by charging to 90% and limiting discharge to 90%. So if you use 80% of the available capacity (most, but not all of the time). We make it easy to control the Charge voltage with our switching charger. To accurately limit discharge the Cycle Analyst is a great tool. Using continuous High Discharge Rates over the recommended levels will cause cell heating and can shorten cycle life.
  • Charge Voltage of 58.8V for 100% charger, 57.4V for 90% Charge. (Our NCM 5A chargers include a switch to charge to 100% and 90%).
  • Maximum Charge Current 8A max (charge connector limited).

EM3ev 52V (14s5p) Rectangle Ebike Battery Pack Dimensions and Weight

  • Discharge Current, recommended 20A or less (22P), 25A (33G), 25A (MJ1) 40A+ (25R and 30Q).
  • Dimensions: 81mm thick. 248mm long, 145mm wide.
  • Weight: 4.1kg (25R and 22P), 4.2kg (30Q, 33G, MJ1).

Lead-Times For Battery Pack

If we don’t have the battery pack already built in stock, the lead time is approx. 5 to 7 working days for us to build one once the order has been placed.

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    anwarruff (verified owner)

    This 52V 17ah is was perfect for my Brompton e-bike conversion from Grin. It arrived perfectly packed with the charger and cable requested. My questions were always answered within a day. Excellent product, customer service, and outstanding quality!

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