CA3-DPS, Cycle Analyst Ebike Computer

CA3-DPS, Cycle Analyst Ebike Computer

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CA3-DPS Cycle Analyst Ebike Computer, CA-DPS

The CA3: Cycle Analyst Ebike Computer device may interest you if you want to add a torque sensing bottom bracket to your bike, if you have a motor that can make use of temperature monitoring and thermal rollback, or if you have a powerful setup that can benefit from advanced throttle controls, or if you just like to play with handy gadgets. If these features are not required then the recently upgraded and less expensive CA2 Cycle Analyst would be more suitable and much simpler to Setup and Configure.

Although the CA3: Cycle Analyst Ebike Computer is listed here and is in general hardware release, the software is still in Beta as final details about the setup menu and user interface are sorted out. At the moment some of that info is summarized here although Teklektic on Endless-Sphere has generously prepared a much more comprehensive overview of the setup procedure. There is not yet an offical CA3 user manual.
Details for CA3 connection to our Upgrade Mac Kit are provided here. Please be aware that we make some small changes to CA3: Cycle Analyst Ebike Computer and wiring to integrate it with our Upgrade Mac Kit. If you want to add the V3 CA to an Upgrade Mac kit that you already have, please select the appropriate type and make a comment. If you are ordering an Upgrade Mac kit with and also a CA3, we will assume they are to be used together, unless you inform us otherwise. The mods are relatively simple and not difficult to indo if required.

More info on the CA3 as well as the Infineon Controller connections can be found here.


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