EM3ev Triangle Battery Bag

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EM3ev Triangle Battery Bag

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Our custom EM3ev triangle bags offer a convenient and cost effective way to mount a battery within the frame of a typical bicycle frame. The bag is approximately 80mm wide/thick, other dimensions as shown in the pics, 43cm along the top and 26cm high. Internally the bag is generously padded where it sits on the bicylcle tubes. 3 internal velcro straps are fitted. A fleece lining allows an additional velcro strap (1m included with every bag) to be used to additionally secure items inside. 2 cable access points are fitted at the front and at the top rear of the bag. Side panels are also padded. A long zip makes it easy to fit a battery which fills the bag completely. A total of 8 extra long velcro straps secure the bag to the frame.

Please Note, this bag is intended to be fitted into a regular triangle frame, where the downtube will support the weight of the battery. The upper straps alone will not support a heavy battery, it may cause the bag to tear and rip if you try to do so. The upper straps should not be so tight, so that they are supporting the battery weight, only tight enough to stabilise the bag in the frame. If your frame is much larger than the bag, some additional material under, or on top of the bag may improve the installation.

2 reviews for EM3ev Triangle Battery Bag

  1. 5 out of 5

    Patrik Carlsson (verified owner)

    I have used this for several batteries! My latest will be 20S8P with holders, and they fit great in this bag!

  2. 2 out of 5

    Akbar Ramzan (verified owner)

    Delivery was quick, arrived next working day from China during the pandemic which was great.
    However, I was quite disappointed with the bag when it arrived. It came flat packed and folded and squashed together so many times that it damaged the padding so it’s no longer even. There was a lot of lint inside I had to clean out and the surface of the bag easily stains with a bit of mud splatter that gets absorbed in to the cloth. I would have preferred a surface you can just wipe down easily.

    The video from Bruno is so overhyped, it’s just a normal battery bag, cheap materials, cheap straps. I did like that the cable exit points are water resistant and the fleece lining at the bottom of the bag was quite soft. I managed to just about fit a 112 cell DIY pack in here but I added some more padding myself.

    Idea is great but given the price (which doubles after shipping and handling), I expected better materials and it being properly packaged. I have been told your batteries are much higher quality.

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