CE KN95 FFP2 Mask (Unable to Order ATM)

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CE KN95 FFP2 Face-Mask 1pcs

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Sorry, we are unable to ship face masks again. Apologies for messing around, the situation keeps changing.


Please! You should all take responsibility for your own health! These masks were not taken from any Doctor or Nurse, like someone will try to tell you…, but you are welcome to buy some and donate them to your local hospital (but i suggest you keep a few to keep yourself safe too)! Choosing to not wear a mask, because not enough were provided to a Doctor or Nurse, is not going to help anyone. If you get sick too, then their burden has only gotten even heavier to bear.

Unless EVERYONE in the public spaces you visit are wearing at least a simple surgical type mask or face covering, then you you will have a situation where any infected person will be releasing infection into the local atmosphere. In such a scenario an N95 type mask should be part of your strategy of staying virus free when you MUST visit a public space (staying home is the best precaution).

European Standard for these masks:

CE KN95 FFP2 mask

EN 149:2001+A1:2009   FFP2

Chinese Equivalent Standard:

GB 2626-2006 KN95

With assistance from a good friend, with the right connections, in the right place, we have been able to source legit FFP2 CE rated KN95 masks, direct from the factory (no small feat in the current environment I can tell you!). All certifications are in place and are available to any Medical Professionals that require them in order to purchase. We have access to large amounts if required and a larger order was scheduled as soon as this batch was received and the quality was confirmed. Note, shipping cost is the same, no matter 1pc to 50pcs (<0.5kg). At this time, the max per single order is 200pcs, but that will be increased soon (try higher, if it goes through, max qty has already been adjusted). 20pcs per carton.

Frankly, we had almost thrown in the towel trying to source N95 masks in the current environment, due to the total mess that the market is in right now (basically having to buy from numerous agents, that are selling numerous products, that you can’t verify, at changing prices, and products that morph into something else once you have paid…). This puts us in a terrible predicament. On the 1 hand, we want to be able to send masks to friends/customers, friends of friends, family, friends of family and basically any organisation or individual that we come across, free of charge. We also want to offer masks to everyone at the lowest price possible. But what good that does do, if we can’t be sure of the product?

We have decided to keep the price at 2USD/pc (now 1.55) and be aware that you can order a max of 200 at this time. I want to be clear, at this price point, there is a small profit made on each mask (no profit at 1.55USD). We will donate masks equal to, or of greater value than any profit that we might make on the sale of masks (all donations are funded by EM3ev at 1.55USD/pc). We welcome any suggestions for genuine needy causes, but please try to provide verifiable charities or organisations. If you have friends/family or whatever, consider sending them some masks. At our own discretion, we may include something extra for those in badly hit areas, or suchlike. I will update what we are doing on Facebook or create a page on here, listing donations we have made.

If you are an organisation that needs large amounts of Masks, please feel free to contact us and we will provide them at cost price, no more (they are now offerred at cost, but we might be able to offer a donation). Create an order with request a quote and add a comment if you have a special requirement for more, or are from an official authority, hospital, or suchlike, that needs these urgently in larger quantities.

Keep safe from everyone at the EM3ev team!


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