Medical Face-Mask (No Longer Offered)

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Medical Face-Mask 20pcs/pack

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Unfortunately newly imposed restrictions on medical face masks mean we can no longer offer this product. We will try to arrange a suitable alternative ASAP.

Note. These can only be ordered with a max quantity of 200pcs per shipment, but you can combine this with some of the N95 Masks in a single shipment (the N95 will be added very soon, if you do not see them already). The price of 10USD is per pack of 20 masks (0.5USD per mask), so if you select the max of 10 packs/pcs, you will be supplied 10*20pcs, so 200pcs in total. Please select the Express Shipping Option such as DHL at checkout, sorry we cannot send Face-Masks by slower/cheaper shipping methods (we regret that we may not be able to ship to some countries, in such cases will have to refund/cancel), and please appreciate that shipping is disrupted in some regions, so some shipments could be delayed. Please note that shipping is priced in 0.5kg increments and a pack of 10 is ~0.06kg, so shipping cost is for example the same for 1 pack, as it is for 8 packs. Please checkout with PayPal, not Request a Quote if at all possible (no discount for bank transfer), and we would really appreciate that orders are finalised, without the need for various back and forth communications if at all possible (but we will do our best to respond to all enquiries/questions). We want to get these masks in as many hands as we can, so please keep the communications minimal if possible. We have no control over what your local customs request, or the possibility that you may be asked for some import fees, so please accept that as a possibility when you order (we will do our best to minimise import fees, but they are out of our control). We are doing this to get Masks in the hands of people that need them, not for profit 🙂


We at EM3ev have been in some turmoil for some time about whether we should offer face-masks for Sale in the current Coronavirus Crisis. Face-Masks are obviously nothing to do with batteries and our core business, so why? The simple answer is that there is a need and we’d like to get masks into the hands of those that need/want them, at the China domestic price, instead of some crazy price…. Recently there have been many articles in the international press about face masks being not only almost impossible to buy, but also, that many are profiteering from such items. We have lived through the last 2 months in China under this tough situation and now we are starting to come out the other side. I have no doubt in my mind, that masks being compulsory in all public spaces in China, was 1 of the key factors, that have enabled this situation in China to be stabilised.

Since this situation started to seriously effect us in China in late January, we have been buying large amounts of masks and distributing them to our Staff, their Families, our Friends, Customers and Families back home, when they were unable to source them themselves. All told, we have spent thousands of dollars on masks and shipping them out. The situation has now stabilised somewhat in China, but has now become an International Crisis effecting many countries. We have just recently been sending packages of face-masks to some customers, family and friends, in numerous countries around the World. Whilst it would be great if we could give masks away to everyone that we could possibly think of, or anyone that asks, but that is not viable unfortunately (the cost of masks plus shipping does add up after a while). We as a company have also been badly affected financially by this Crisis, having to shut-down for almost 6 weeks whilst maintaining close to 20 staff at regular salary levels. Shipping costs have increased significantly (which we have had to absorb) and of course retail sales have been significantly down, not to mention we partially refunded many orders that were delayed due to the shutdown. Let’s just say, it has been a tough couple of months….

We will continue to offer these Medical Grade Face-Masks at the lowest price we can (see the genuine Certification in additional images), so long as there is a need for them and so long as doing so, does not cause undue strain on us as a company.

EM3ev wishes everyone good health. Keep yourselves, family and friends safe at this challenging time. We will get through this 🙂


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