N95 Type Mask (1.55USD/pc, Unable to Supply ATM)

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KN95 Teda Face-Mask 1pc

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Please! You should all take responsibility for your own health! These masks were not taken from any Doctor or Nurse, like someone will try to tell you…, but you are welcome to buy some and donate them to your local hospital (but i suggest you keep a few to keep yourself safe too)! Choosing to not wear a mask, because not enough were provided to a Doctor or Nurse, is not going to help anyone. If you get sick too, then their burden has only gotten even heavier to bear.

Unless EVERYONE in the public spaces you visit are wearing at least a simple surgical type mask or face covering, then you you will have a situation where any infected person will be releasing infection into the local atmosphere. In such a scenario an N95 type mask should be part of your strategy of staying virus free when you MUST visit a public space (staying home is the best precaution).

We have a new version Mask. The quality looks excellent, price has now been reduced to the cost price of 1.55USD/pc (after PayPal Fees). Due to restrictions on shipping medical type devices, we are only able to offer shipments of 100-200pcs per shipment. We apologise, it has become increasingly difficult to offer these and ship them out of the country. Basically we have done our best to find good quality masks after checking numerous manufacturers/suppliers and only offering a product that we feel is of good quality (they are not all so great I can assure you). We then buy thousands of them and offer them to you at a little over cost, and donate to Good Causes, Friends, Customers or anyone we feel could use a mask (now you get them at cost, and any donations we make are entirely borne by EM3ev, not from Customers purchasing masks). Whilst nobody has made any negative comments on the fact we stated there was a small profit made on each mask, we feel that for the sake of the small profit we do make on the sale of a mask, are so insignificant in the scheme of things, that it is simply not worth it.

These Mask has passed the following standard:


We have decided to keep the price at 2USD/pc (reduced to 1.55USD) and be aware that you can only order a min of 100 and a max of 200 per order. I want to be clear, at this price point, there is a small profit made on each mask (we don’t make anything at 1.55). We will donate masks equal to, or of greater value than any profit that we might make on the sale of masks (we still donate, but the purchaser of masks will not be contributing to those donations).organisations. If you have friends/family or whatever, consider sending them some masks.

Keep safe from everyone at the EM3ev team!


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