Thanks for your helpful, first rate customer service, first comment is for my bbshd kit & battery, next comment is for the battery replacement with an existing build. I\’m thankful to now have the replacement battery charger cable to sent; to go out riding tomorrow, early morning before the California heat.

For my second BBSHD build, I chose EM3ev, as they had the 68mm bb BBSHD version I was needing, and at the best price. I\’m impressed with, not only, the quality of the Bafang motor kit, but also with the helpful customer service of Paul and other staff.

While it takes at least a couple weeks to receive the order to the USA, I was relaxed and not in a hurry. The kit had everything needed to convert my newish mtb bike into a great e-mtb bike. The lekkie 42t chain ring lined up well with existing 9sp cassette. Push button e-brake works great for my style of riding, maintaining cadence, while protecting the chain.

Since bike already had hydraulic brakes on donor bike, I chose the push button motor kill button as existing magnetic hydraulic brake work-arounds were unsatisfactory for me with my last build.

The 50V (14S6P) Small Triangle Pack With Hardcase with Smart BMS is great; more than adequate for my mtn bike adventures! The triangle bag is just a little disappointing because its dimensions seem designed to fit the larger battery. When used with this smaller battery it needs to be scrunched into my small mtb frame, making the fit extremely tight and then a little difficult to zip up. If there was a triangle bag with dimensions similar to that of the smaller battery it would be perfect.

Yes, I would purchase again with Paul & Em3ev. I look forward to progress on new, improved ways to secure these great batteries. Regarding the 50V (14S9P) Large Triangle Pack With Smart BMS Bag Options – 50V 25.7Ah High-Energy Pack With 60A Smart BMS, this is a monster; quite a step-up from a 52v 11ah battery. Well made and after a couple months of use, durable and long-lasting, especially with 90% charge. I definitely have fun going faster, farther & without any energy dropout I\’d experience with previously used dolphin battery when I\’d gone fast & far.

A great battery and I\’d buy again, perhaps with a higher energy pack. Being able to place battery securely within my triangle would be an improvement. Make sure to measure bike frame\’s triangle space a second time. Thanks Paul, wishing you continued success. And again, thank you for sending the replacement charger adapter. Seems my partner somehow misplaced it. I\’ve secured the replacement with a zip tie.