Just completed the pipeline challenge 600km of grueling maintenance trail. plenty of sand, rocks pea gravel, some road stages.
Running an 8T MAC in a 29ER with 2x 29E EM3ev triangle ebike battery packs (one borrowed from Kai in review above!) managed 99kms on a single charge using position 1 and plenty of pedaling with avg speeds >33kmh.  Punched it a few times in uphill sand with 2000W+ for ~5mins with no melted anything!
Cant say a bad word about the factory in Shanghai – was looked after like a god whilst Pauls team sorted an issue i had with a bearing.

Things i’ve learned in the 7 ebike kits i’ve bought from Paul (for both my bikes and friends)
no-one has broken anything and price is forgotten on the first ride when you realise that a bike fitted with a MAC and a frame pack = street weapon / commuter / downhill / fatbike / mountain bike whatever you want Paul has a kit to suit.
thumbs up – thanks again Paul and the team at EM3EV