Its not often I write an email to a company to say thanks. It has been the greatest pleasure to deal with your company. I decided to go with you guys for a few reasons including the obvious dedication to quality batteries. I am blown away with the quality of workmanship and pride you obviously take in your product. I was also attracted to Paul’s story as I myself moved to Canada to start a new life and family ten years ago. Its really cool to see how your hard work and dedication has turned into a thriving business for you and your family. It is heartening to see how much you all care about your customers and that delivery the highest quality is as important to you as making money.


Right from the start any questions I had were quickly answered with a high level of professionalism. Joseph in particular was very helpful and was kind enough to send a 7.5mm spacer which turned out to be crucial on my build to get the correct spacing and clear the chain stay with the motor.


Shipping was fantastic and I had no issues with import taxes on the battery or the motor! Happy to save a few dollars there. Moon and Latina were very quick to update me on the shipping process and keep me informed as to what was happening. Its a big chunk of money for me to spend so it helped to settle my nerves to have such good communication.


Bike is running great and the kids love the fact that daddy can now make it up the big hills with our bike trailer! I will be doing a video of the build to help others so I will forward it on when its done for you to see. I have some cool ideas for quality of life improvements for the bafang system. 1st up is to ditch my deraileur on the back and switch to an internal hub. I might have to save a bit first as the one I want is a 14 speed Rohloff!!! My wife is going to shoot me lol. Anyway I will send you details in the future of my ideas. Who knows maybe one of them could become a future product to be sold along with the motor kits.


You are all busy people so I will not go on so long. Thanks again for making this purchase such an awesome experience. It has earned you not only a loyal customer but a mouthpiece for your company.


My very best regards to all.