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36V Frame Pack Battery (10.5Ah-20.4Ah Options)

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36V Frame Pack Options

42V Charger (for 36V, 10S NCM/NCA battery) – optional

AC Plug for Charger – optional

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Note: Batteries must be Shipped, using a Battery Shipping Option, we cannot use regular DHL or any other non-battery option. If your order includes a battery, please checkout with an option starting with the word “Battery” if there is such an option available. Additional shipping costs may be required if there is not a suitable option listed or if an unsuitable option is selected. Please note most batteries are built to order, which typically requires 7-14 days to complete, prior to shipping.


Our frame mounted pack can be built with either 10S 5P or 10S 6P (can also be built in 13S 4P, but that will be a separate listing). There are also a choice of 2 cell types currently available, which means the capacity is from 10.5Ah, up to approx 18.9Ah, depending upon the internal layout and cell type used. These frame mounted packs are lockable, water resistant and have a USB charging outlet. There is also a simple battery level LED indication and the battery has a power switch which has an LED to indicate when power is on. This power switch does not pass the discharge current, it only switches the BMS output on/off. This means a Pre-charge is not necessary for this battery, and means the switch is not liable to failure, as is so common on packs that pass the discharge current through a switch.

Cell Type Capacity (Ah) Capacity (Whrs) Max Cont. Current Max Burst Current Weight
Specification for each variant of the 36V Frame Pack
Standard 22P (10S5P) 36V 10.5Ah 378Whrs ~21A ~30A 3.6kg
Standard 22P (10S6P) 36V 12.6Ah 454Whrs ~25A ~30A 4.1kg
High Energy 33G (10S5P) 36V 15.5Ah 558Whrs ~24A ~30A 3.8kg
High Energy 33G (10S6P) 36V 18.6Ah 670Whrs ~28A ~30A 4.3kg
High Energy MJ1 (10S5P) 36V 17.0Ah 612Whrs ~25A ~30A 3.8kg
High Energy MJ1 (10S6P) 36V 20.4Ah 734Whrs ~30A ~30A 4.3kg

Cells are bonded into a pack using a special RTV with; high insulation resistance, which is flexible but also very strong. All signal cables are terminated via a PPTC as with all our packs to protect against a short. Even a dead short on the BMS Signal wires will not cause a hazardous situation. 4mm bullet will be fitted to the cables exiting the slider as standard. Charger is included, it is a suitable 42V 2A unit, intended for 10S Li Ion. The slider is easily mounted to the frame using the water botlle mountings.


  • 42V 2A fan-less plastic case charger is an optional extra. These are a good quality charger (very reliable in our experience) with UL and CE. (may differ from the charger shown in some images).
  • We conservatively rate the cells as 2.1Ah each (SDI-ICR18650-22P) and 3.15Ah (SDI INR18650-32E), although the maker classes them a little higher than this. Like with any Li Ion type battery, best long term performance is obtained by not using all of the available capacity all of the time. It is possible to use the high power INR18650-20R cells (10C rated) for this pack if requested, but due to the limited discharge rate available from the BMS (which is fixed), we considered it a combination that doesn’t make so much sense.
  • Cycle Life estimated at 700 cycles plus (1C Discharge to 2.7V, 1C charge to 4.2V). Cycle life is extended by charging to 90% and limiting discharge to 90% and also by more moderate usage. To accurately limit discharge the Cycle Analyst is a great tool.
  • PPTC thermal fuses used on all signal wires. If a fault were to ever occur on any of the small balance wires which run around the battery pack, the fuse simply shuts down the connection and keeps everything safe. Once the fault condition is removed, function returns to normal.
  • Maximum Charge Current 3A max (BMS has a 3A PPTC fitted for protection and also the DC2.1 Charge plug used, is rated 3A max).
  • Maximum dimensions of: 85mm thick. 130mm tall, 350mm long. See labelled picture in additional images for detailed information, as it has a complex shape.
  • Weight: 10S 5P, 22P – 3.6kg, 10S 6P, 22P – 4.1kg, 10S 6P, 32E – 4.3kg, (including slider).

36V Frame Pack Options

36V (10S) Battery Option

36V 10.5Ah Standard Pack (10S5P-22P), 36V 12.6Ah Standard Pack (10S6P-22P), 36V 15.5Ah High-Energy Pack (10S5P-33G), 36V 17Ah High-Energy Pack (10S5P-MJ1), 36V 18.6Ah High-Energy Pack (10S6P-33G), 36V 20.4Ah High-Energy Pack (10S6P-MJ1)

42V Charger (for 36V, 10S NCM/NCA battery)

42V Charger

42V 2A Plastic Case

AC Plug for Charger

AC Plug Type

Australia/NZ, Europe, UK, USA


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