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BBS01/02/HD Display

$50.00$100.00 (USD)

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$50.00$100.00 (USD)

BBS Kit Display Type

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These Displays are all fitted with the same Higo Plug (green insert) as is fitted on the latest version of the BBS01/02/HD kits. These displays can be used with either 36V or 48V kits.

Bafang C965 Display (5 button type)

DPC14 Display Manual (Colour TFT Display)


Eggrider: The Smart Choice

Eggrider OLED Is Our Latest BBS Compatible Display With Smartphone App

The Eggrider offers Wide Voltage compatibility working from 20V right up to 62V.

Dual Mode

The Eggrider has both Street and Off-Road modes that allow the rider to change parameters on the go.

You can configure motor/controller internal parameters.

More Data

Trip Data – Eggrider provides graphed data of your trips using the mobile app. Shows battery voltage as well as battery percentage.

Eggrider: The Smart Choice

Serves both iPhone and Android smartphones with iOS and Android (requires Android 4.0.3 and up) apps.

Eggrider: Low Energy

Eggrider uses low energy Bluetooth combined with an low-energy OLED display.

Waterproof and Low-Weight

The Eggrider is waterproof to IP65 standards and weighs just 75 grams.

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Display Type

C965, DCP14 (TFT Colour Display), Eggrider – OLED Smart Display (Registering Required)