Lekkie Buzz Bars (Offset Type V 3.1) BBS Crank Arms: Premium Crank Arms For The BBS01/02/HD

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Please Note: we supply the offset Lekkie Buzz Bars only. We do this because all BBS Motors have a Bottom Bracket that is off-centre. The offset left crank arm corrects the offset in the bottom bracket of the BBS02 motors, so the pedals are correctly centred like they should be.

Lekkie Buzz Bars BBS Crank Arms

Lekkie Buzz Bars BBS Crank Arms are a premium, high quality crank option for the BBS01, BBS02 and BBSHD. They are a superior option to the standard BBS cranks.

New Zealand Design

Designed in New Zealand, the Lekkie Buzz Bars come from the same company who designed the high-quality Lekkie Bling Ring for the BBS kits.


The cranks are CNC manufactured from T6 tempered 6061 aluminium.

Lekkie Buzz Bars BBS Crank Arms: Full Compatibility Across The BBS Range

The Lekkie Buzz bars are not only compatible across the BBS range. The left crank is offset by 18mm, which will correct the off-centre Bottom Bracket on all the BBS kits.