Upgrade Mac Ebike Kit With 36V Frame Battery Pack Option (~900W Max)

Upgrade Mac Ebike Kit With 36V Frame Battery Pack Option (~900W Max)

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Throttle Type – optional

Throttle Type


3 Speed Switch With Cruise Function (Used with the throttles above) – optional

Infineon Connection or CA3 If CA3 Is selected With Kit

Ebrake Type – optional

Ebrake Type




Shimano M355 Hydraulic Brake Levers With Built-In Ebrake Sensor (Left Lever - Back Brake; Right Lever - Front Brake) – optional


Mac Motor/Axle Type

Mac Motor/Axle Type


Rim Type For Wheel Build – optional

Rim Type


Spoke Type For Wheel Build

Spoke Type


Controller Type – optional

Infineon Controller Options


EB3 Infineon Program Lead: For Programming EB3 Infineon Controllers (Software included) - Do Not Connect To the CA3 PAS/Torque Connector – optional

In stock


Cycle Analyst Ebike Computer, CA-DPS Vers 2.4 – optional

Out of stock


Cycle Analyst Mounting Bracket (Steerer Tube) – optional

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Torque Arm (Recommended, 2 can be fitted for extra security) – optional

Torque Arm

Freewheel Type – optional

Freewheel Type


EM3ev 36V (10S5P) Super Shark Ebike Battery – optional


42V Charger for 36V Battery – optional

42V Charger


AC Plug for Charger – optional

AC Plug for Charger



Upgrade Mac Ebike Kit With 36V Frame Battery Pack Option

Wheel Builds require typically 7 days to complete, prior to shipping. Mac Motors are partially disassembled to reduce shipping volume for DHL shipping (but can be shipped fully assembled if we use regular post, or pay the additional cost to ship via DHL). The assembly is quite straightforward and takes only 2-5 minutes.

The Front Wheel version of the Mac motor is quite tight to the fork on the non-disc side of the motor. Please refer to the drawings listed below to confirm the motor outline will match your fork.

Drawing of 135mm Cassette Mac
Drawing of 135mm Rear Freewheel Mac
Drawing of 170mm Rear Freewheel Mac
Drawing of 100mm Front Mac

Note: Battery-Fed Shipping MUST be used for shipments including a battery. Lead time for Batteries is ~2 weeks, prior to shipping (if the battery is not built, in stock). Battery-Fed shipping typically requires up to 2 weeks shipping time.

Upgrade Mac Ebike Kit With 36V Frame Battery Pack Option Additional Info:

  • Upgrade Mac motor (includes upgrade stator and temp sensor) in a built Alex wheel rim of your choice using 13G Sapim Spokes. See Upgrade Mac Kit for more information.
  • 25A 6fet 3077 Programmable Infineon Controller with matching throttle, 3 speed and Cruise, as well as a bar mounted power switch and a choice of ebrakes.
  • 36V Frame Pack and charger with a choice of Capacity Options.
  • Interconnections between the Motor, Controller, all Accessories and the Battery are plug and play.

We have selected the combination of controller, battery and motor to ensure all parts are suitably matched and working within the recommended limits. Instead of offering choices for motor windings, we have offered a range of typical cruising speeds that can be expected on the flat. We will try our best to provide a motor that will meet or exceed the requested speed.

Upgrade Mac Ebike Kit With 36V Frame Battery Pack Option Additional Recommendations

  • There is limited space for the Disc Brake Calliper when using the Mac Motor (19.5mm clearance only). This means that many better quality and/or Hydraulic Disc Callipers may foul the Motor. So we offer a 2.5mm thick disc spacer to enable more clearance. Another option is to convert to 203mm Disc. With a larger Disc installed, the Calliper can clear the hub and avoid these clearance issues. See: Mac 500W Rear Motor Outline and Mac 500W Front Motor Outline. Please ensure you understand this point and take measures to overcome any possible issues.
  • The Mac can accept a 7 speed freewheel without any additional spacers (135mm axle width). If 8, 9 or 10 speed are used, a spacer of ~4mm is required and the axle width will increase to ~139mm (spacer will be provided).
  • The HWBS Ebrake Sensor allows you to retain your original cable type meachical brakes and brake levers. The HWBS sensor mounts inline with the brake cable and detects when the brake is pulled. HWBS sensor is not suitable for Hydraulic brakes. 1pc HWBS sensor is ordinarily supplied, it is not necessary to have a sensor on both front and rear brakes, 1 is enough in our opinion. Ebrakes are strongly recommended with this Kit as it has a Cruise Function.

Upgrade Mac Ebike Kit With 36V Frame Battery Pack Option Torque Arms

A Torque Arm is not absolutely essential at this power level for the freewheel version, but they are recommended. We offer the full range of Genuine Grin Tech TAs (manufactured in Canada). Choose the appropriate TA according to your motor choice (Front/Rear) and the design of the Fork. See:Rear Rev4, Front Rev3 and Front Rev2 designs. A motor spin-out on a front hub motor installation can be particularly unpleasant. Therefore, some will opt for dual front TAs. It is recommended only steel front forks are used for a Front Hub Motor installation. A suitably constructed DIY Torque Arm is fine. We only recommend you consider this point and take suitable precautions to avoid a motor spinout.

Upgrade Mac Ebike Kit With 36V Frame Battery Pack Option: The CA3 and PAS

  • When the Upgrade Mac kit is combined with the V3 Cycle Analyst, it opens up the possibility to have Motor Temperature Monitoring and Power Rollback if motor temperature exceeds a programmed limit. It also allows various control functions and PAS Assist devices/modes when combined with the appropriate PAS Device. V2 CA is a simpler device that can still allow on the fly speed, current or power limiting to be accomplished.
  • Customers can have more control over the PAS function with the PAS Display/Sensor. This is compared to connecting the PAS directly to the controller. See listing here for more info.

See the Individual Parts Product listing for More Info On Each Item

Shimano M355 Hydraulic Brake Levers Ebrake Sensor
Throttles, ebrakes and switches
Ebike Displays
Infineon Controllers
36V Frame Battery Pack Including Dimensions

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