52V Long Case Battery Pack (10.5AH-15.8AH OPTIONS)

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This  50V Long Case Battery Pack case is internally constructed using CNC cell holders and every cell in the pack has a fusible link. In the worst case scenario, the links will open and prevent a dangerous short circuit condition. These parts are all designed, developed and manufactured in-house using our Full-Size ATC CNC Router and our 40T Precision Stamping Machine. Very few battery packs are built with these safety features and we are only able to offer these features on a small scale because we have invested in the machinery to do it in-house. An extruded case with a cross-section of 75*110mm is used, with CNC end plates and a gland to avoid water ingress. Our 40A continuous rated BMS is fitted so if high power cells are used, this compact case can provide huge power, with short term bursts of 80A or more possible. The discharge cable uses the XT90-S connector to avoid sparks and to help avoid the problems that can occur unless a pre-charge is used.

50V Long Case Battery Pack

Cell Type Capacity (Ah) Capacity (Whrs) Max Cont. Current Max Burst Current Weight
Specification for each variant of the 52V Long Case Pack
Standard – 22P 50.4V 10.5Ah 529Whrs ~21A ~30A ~4.2kg
High Energy – 32E 50.4V 15.8Ah 796Whrs ~24A ~30A ~4.4kg
High Power – 25R 50.4V 12.3Ah 617Whrs ~40A ~80A ~4.2kg
High Power – 30Q 50.4V 14.8Ah 743Whrs ~40A ~80A ~4.4kg

This Samsung Pack uses our robust and reliable 14S 40A Li Ion type BMS. As with all our packs a pre-charge is fitted as standard (XT90-S). This is a must have feature with these High Discharge Battery Packs in our experience, to avoid issues with connectors and the electronic components. Cells are held together with a Plastic CNC cell hold that has been especially machined to match the case and also includes a high temperature insulating layer. Every cell in the pack is linked to the rest of the pack via a fusible link, which are specially designed to minimise voltage drop for normal operation, but to also safely disconnect any cell that is subjected to a dangerous short circuit condition. All signal cables are terminated via a PPTC as with all our packs to protect against a short. Even a dead short on the BMS Signal wires will not cause a hazardous situation

Please note that when a battery is ordered with a kit, we will make the controller to battery connections plug and play including Pre-Charge. If battery is purchased without a controller, we will supply a matching tail which should be linked to your existing controller supply. We use the XT90-S pre-charge connector, and it is essential that this is used to make the connection to the controller. This will avoid issues with connectors and the Battery BMS. Various optional chargers are offered.


  • Aluminium case with CNC plastic end plates.
  • Cable gland and end plates are sealed to offer good water protection.
  • In-House machined, CNC cell holders, to support the cells and hold the internal structure firmly within the case. High temperature insulating materials used throughout the pack, where necessary, to provide mechanical and electrical insulation.
  • Specially designed and in-house manufactured cell terminations, that provide minimal voltage drop for normal operation, but will instantly fuse if any cell in the pack is subjected to an extreme short circuit condition. This is a failsafe, last resort, safety feature. The BMS will trip and isolate the battery in the event of an external short circuit, the cell level fuses will only trip due to an internal short, or severe mechanical damage.
  • Includes a BMS with Over Charge, Over Discharge, Over Current and Cell Balancing (~4.17V Balance Voltage).
  • PPTC thermal fuses used on all BMS balance wires. If a fault were to ever occur on any of the small balance wires which run around the battery pack, the fuse simply disconnects the connection and keeps everything safe. Once the fault condition is removed, function returns to normal.
  • Oversized high temperature cables and Over-Rated connectors used throughout, so they don’t get hot or melt.
  • Every Pack is capacity tested and the printout including the actual discharge data is included with every battery.


  • We use 14S (50.4V, based on 14*3.6V), not 13S (46.8V nominal, based on 13* 3.6V) like most others, so that means a working voltage of over 48V most of the time and it also means that you’re getting that much more capacity than you would have had with an equivalent 13S Pack (14S offers 7.7% extra capacity, versus a 13S equivalent with same Ah).
  • We conservatively rate the cells as 2.10Ah (22P), 2.45Ah (25R), 3.15Ah (32E) and 2.95Ah (30Q), although the maker classes them a little higher than this and our test results generally exceed these values. Like with any Li Ion type battery, best long term performance is obtained by not using all of the available capacity all of the time.
  • Cycle Life estimated at 500-700 cycles (to 80% Retained) with 100% Charge and 100% discharge cycles (which most would never normally do on every cycle). Cycle life is extended (possibly doubled) by charging to 90% and limiting discharge to 90%, so you use 80% of the available capacity (most, but not all of the time). We make it easy to control the Charge voltage with our switching charger (58.8V 5A and Satiator offers the option to charge to less than a full charge). To accurately limit discharge the Cycle Analyst is a great tool. Using continuous High Discharge Rates over the recommended levels will cause cell heating and can shorten cycle life.
  • Charge Voltage of 58.8V for 100% charger, 57.4V for 90% Charge (our 58.8V 5A NCMcharger includes a switch to charge to 100%, 90% and 50%). The Satiator Charger allows the battery to be charged to any state of charge. Our small 58.8V 2A charger are very reliable and cost effective, but be aware that charging takes longer with just a 2A charge rate.
  • Maximum Charge Current 12A max (10A recommended, this is BMS limited).
  • Discharge Current, max recommended continuous discharge current ~21A (22P), ~24A (32E), 40A plus (30Q and 25R).
  • Dimensions: 75mm thick. 110mm wide and 330mm long (not including cable gland).


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