BBS02/HD Installation & Servicing Tool, from California Ebike

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$35.0 (USD)

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We are very pleased to now offer a range of products, from our good friend Doug, at California-Ebike. These are produced in California.

This is a dual purpose tool, that serves 2 purposes, on the BBS middle motors, from Bafang. The tool fits the large M33 locking nuts on the BBS01, 02 and HD Bottom Bracket section. It also has a smaller fitting that matches the nuts that retain the BB Axle (these are the same for 01, 02 and HD).

This tool makes it easy to get the main locking nut properly tightened down, when installing the kit. Also, if you ever need to service the bearings in the BB Tube, it makes it much easier, when you have the right tool for the job.


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