Bafang 36V 250-500W BBS02 Ebike Kit With Battery Option

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The Bafang 250-500W BBS02 kit is a powerful and nicely put together middle motor, that can easily be installed onto many bikes (68-73mm Bottom Bracket is required).

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BBS01/02/HD Display

BBS Kit Display Type


Throttle Type

Throttle Type


Ebrake Type

Ebrake Type




BBS02 BB Size

68mm BBS02 (36V)

Current Rating (02-36V)

36V BBS02 Current Rating


BBS01/02 Chainwheel


California Ebike BBS02 Chainring Adaptor


BBS01/02/HD Push Button Ebike Ebrake: For Smooth Gear Changes


Controller Connector

Discharge Connector for Customer Purchasing a Battery without a Charger.


EM3ev 36V (10S4P) Super Shark Ebike Battery


EM3ev 36V (10S5P) Super Shark Ebike Battery


42V Charger for 36V Battery

42V Charger


AC Plug for Charger

AC Plug for Charger

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Bafang 36V 250-500W BBS02 Ebike Kit

The Bafang 36V 250-500W BBS02 Ebike Kit with ebike battery pack option 

We no longer have any kits marked as 250W, but we can provide 250W labels. So, you can have the more powerful and robust 500W kit, and have it detuned to 250W or 350W power levels, as you require. Or run it at the full 25A and have the 500W rating (~900W Max input power) if preferred.

All our stock is the latest version, with the revised case design and with GearSensor connector.

The Bafang 36V 250-500W BBS02 Ebike Kit includes the following.

This listing is for a 36V 250W, 350W and 500W kit.

  • Motor with integrated 25A controller.
  • Additional GearSensor connector on motor.
  • 44T chainwheel and pedal arms (does not include pedals).The customer should use a relatively small chainwheel if they use the kit in hilly areas.We have larger chainwheels available here.
  • We also offer the 42T Bling Ring. This is in our opinion the best chainwheel available for the BBS02. It offers better than standard chain line alignment and a large tooth, small tooth design, which helps to retain the chain.
  • Waterproof interconnecting cabling.
  • A choice of the premium throttles offered by Wuxing. You can find the various throttle options details in this section.
  • Pair of ebrakes for cable pull brakes or a choice of ebrake sensors, for cable pull or hydraulic brakes.
  • We offer a choice of LCD displays. The C965 allows 60km/h while the DCP14 allows 99km/h.
  • We emphasise that the 36V kits can only be used on a 36V battery. The 36V kit absolutely cannot be used with a 48V battery (31V LVC). It also cannot be used with an 11S (39.6V nominal) battery pack.

We are able to adjust the controller software. We ship the kits with the throttle configured for full power in all assist levels (including 0). There are also many user adjustable settings available in the display. The BBS02 is a more powerful version of the BBS02, which has a larger motor structure, with a fster winding, and can deliver higher power levels than the smaller BBS01. See below links to view documentation on the kit and display.


Summary: What’s Included as Standard

  • The motor along with the controller
  • Mounting hard-ware (the 68mm version includes additional longer bolts and spacers for 73mm BBs – these additional items are for the triangular mounting bracket)
  • E-BUS Harness
  • Speed Sensor
  • Factory Cranks
  • Additional GearSensor Connector – straight from the motor
  • A choice of chainwheels – this is a mandatory option
  • A choice of displays – again, this is a mandatory option

Summary: What’s Not Included

  • Battery
  • Battery charger
  • Throttle
  • Ebrakes
  • GearSensor
  • Installation tools

Bafang 36V 250-500W BBS02 Ebike Kit Settings

The standard settings are as follows:

  • 25A max current.
  • LVC (low voltage cut) 31V, suitable for 36V battery.
  • number of assist levels are adjustable by the display.
  • The customer can adjust the wheel size using the display.
  • The customer can also set the speed limit via the display, it is not possible to completely remove the speed limit, but you could set the wheel size to be smaller than it really is, to trick the kit into measuring a lower speed and effectively increase the speed limit. Of course the indicated speed will no longer be correct and this 500W kit is only really powerful enough to reach speeds in the region of 50km/h on the flat.

Information on Bafang 36V 250-500W BBS02 Ebike Kit:

Bafang BBS01/02 Mid Drive Kit Manual

The Bafang C965 Display Manual (3 button type)

Bafang C965 Display Manual (5 button type)

These manual include how to get into the settings and advanced settings menus to change various parameters.

DCP14 TFT Colour Display Manual (our displays are setup with 99km/h max speed limit).

Bling Ring

The Eggrider OLED Smart Display is a great choice as it offers Smartphone integration as well as precise info on how your motor is performing with graphed data. It has a whole lot of other features, such as adjusting performance on the fly, that makes this the choice display for the BBS kits.

Installing BBS01/2 onto a 73mm BB Frame

Here you can find out more info on the BBS02 Chainring adaptor.

Lead-Times For Battery Pack

If we don’t have the battery pack already built in stock, the lead time is approx. 5 to 7 working days for us to build one once the order has been placed.

See the Individual Parts Product listing for More Info On Each Item

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Throttles, ebrakes and switches
36V Frame Battery Pack Including Dimensions